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An elegant app, easy and convenient interface for prayer times, kiblat direction and nearby masjid wherever you are.
★ Data source from E-Solat JAKIM
★ Solat time of Imsak, Subuh, Syuruk, Dhuha, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib and Isyak.
★ The next prayer time is highlighted to easily aware for next prayer.
★ Digital magnetic Compass using your phone sensor will quickly point to the Kiblat direction. Phone will vibrate when the kiblat direction is correct.
★ Integrated with Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia prayer times.
★ Surah Kahfi/Yaasin/Mulk available in Plugins menu.
★ Hijri Date and Gregorian Date display.
★ Reminder alarm for each solat.
★ Nearby Masjid location with navigation support.
★ Nearby Halal Food location with navigation support.
★ Auto location change when you travel.
★ Full screen and Cool Widget for your Home Screen.
★ Various theme color.
★ Support international prayer times when you travel overseas.
★ Daily tazkirah notification.
★ Tawaf clock.
★ Salam Kad.
Requirement : Android 4.1 and above
Follow this app at https://twitter.com/waktusolatmsia
Follow the developer at https://twitter.com/muradmohdzain
Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/waktusolatmsia
if you encounter any problems, kindly email to me before submitting your comments. Thank you.
COMPASS INTERFERENCE : To get good result of kiblat, make sure you put your device on a flat surface and far from metal or magnetize stuff. Wave your phone with figure 8 motion to calibrate your compass.
Phone model XIAOMI, REDMI, OPPO, VIVO needs to enable autostart for azan. Read all tips in our facebook page for details instructions.

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